- Let's All Do Our Part -
Cut-down on track noise..... quick, easy installation..... no measurable loss of power!

Check this out from dB Dawg's website:

"This unique silencer is aimed at 4-stroke riders using tracks which are under sound restrictions yet find it hard to budget for an after-market Q or Enduro 4-stroke exhaust system to meet the new and always lowering sound requirements.

The dB Dawg simply fits into your current tail pipe whether it be a stock or after-market performance pipe and lowers the sound of the machine by around 6db, in some cases even 10db! Many people suspect that a sound reduction of this amount would mean power sacrifice but this is proven to be untrue, there are dyno prints for two of the after-market most popular machines and the power reduction is well below 0.5%, in some cases only 0.15%."

We're asking for everyone's support to help mitigate the sound produced at the track.

Click here to find out more about the dB Dawg

Check out one of these local dealers to get your dB Dawg today:

CC Riders: 863-665-2090

Dirt Road Motorcycles: 863-899-7334
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